I think relationships people have with people are like the relationships people have with books, with novels. 


It seems in both types of relationships, with people and books, that people want a prescribed amount of information dumped in a modest pile up front.  They want certain information that puts a certain part of their minds at ease.  Information that lets them know they have things in common with the other and that the other does everything from hint to promise a mutually satisfying relationship.


The modest pile of information is tidy and governed by the time-worn universal rule of human relations.  After that, after that certain part of their minds are put at ease, people want plenty of mystery left in a person or a novel  that they can participate in the unfolding of, using their imaginations and minds.  They want a playful, as in psychologically healthy, amount of suspense left within the lifetime of a person or a novel.


Else why involve yourself with either persons or books?


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