A pretty brain

bio_mclean.jpg picture by zanzinece

Bethany McLean, financial reporter, Vanity Fair


Intelligence is beautiful.  Even more so when it’s wrapped in a beautiful package.  That’s what I think, anyway.


Oh, to hear when hearing, and not think about how you are looking to the one speaking. 


Oh, to hear and understand, to be hearing and understanding simultaneously, and not be thinking of what you are going to say in response, not be grappling for and locking in on that one thing you can respond to that you think will go beyond adding value to the conversation to the self-interested point of looking as close to genius as possible in the eyes of others.


Oh, to be hearing and understanding simultaneously so that when the speaker is finished, an immediate, crisp, clear response leaves your lips, a response that is intuitively bright and intelligent, intuitively beyond pertinent to the point of adding immeasurable value, intuitively deductive thoughts embellishing talking points, upping the ante, taking the entire interaction up, notch by notch, until all are illumined by exploding brilliance, catching it, breathing it, feeling it, maybe even knowing it for a flash or longer, or forever.  Who can know?


Who can fathom the sounding depth and infinity of the effects of witnessing true brilliance?


Oh, to watch it in action.


Oh, that I become it, that it becomes me.


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