The games people play: Alpha dog

From a distance, it was a loud buzz of two female voices, first time lunch dates in the same playing field, vying for supremacy.  And everyone knows the ultimate victory in professional dominance is won most deeply lastingly lunch date by lunch date, client by client, coworker by coworker, by every one-on-one kind of relationship you can imagine, right on down to your drycleaner counter person.


Both women were impressively assertive, but of course one woman was more so–she exercised time-honored tricks of the alpha trade in talking loudly through interruptions from the other and laughing loud husky interruptions into the other’s dialogue–and within some small minutes, it was clear who the victor was.  Clear to both women, well understood.  There was a mental handshake and the pack babe backed down, bowed in honor to the alpha diva.


Hyde had vaporized, leaving Jekyll to continue the luncheon and all was well.  Loud, testosterone-laden barking had shifted into husky, low-buzzing estrogen tones.  There was a low-rolling urgency, pleasant to the ear, a competent, cutting edge tête-à-tête.


Although Pack Babe had acquiesced, never forget that she was a pro, too, and never allowed Alpha Diva to take her more than that one notch down.  She gave Alpha Diva her due respect but held true to her own vision of her internal worth, and Alpha Diva gave her that, respected her for that, let it go at that.


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