Here’s what should’ve been my sign

Just a note regarding this offload blog (the supposed blog of freedom from literary standards) in the form of an observation of neurotic human behavior:


I find it very interesting that on three occasions I’ve sat down and begun writing, exhilarated, ready to post any manner of anything to this blog, Blog2, when, in mid-post I’ve received a head wire that reads, “Hey!  This is turning out so well, you might want to consider posting this on Blog1!”


If I was talking about someone else, I’d find it very interesting that, with each of the three separate wire incidents on three separate days, the level of accompanying psychological BS increased frighteningly exponentially.


On receipt of the first wire a few days ago, I’d already completed the post, so all that needed to be done was a little classing up, a little photo-finding, and it was good to go for Blog1.  But I had a hell of a time posting it—had to delete and redo a number of times too embarrassing to divulge—and that should have been my sign.


On receipt of the second and third wires, I was not so fortunate, was only one or two paragraphs into the posts when I heard the annoying, “Hey!  This is turning out so well, you might want to consider posting this on Blog1!”


Again I blushed and again I agreed, “Oh gosh, you’re so right!  This is brilliant if I don’t say so myself.”


“Well, what are you waiting for?” it whined.


“Nothing, Mr. Ego, I’m on it!  Just wait ‘til you see this.  It’ll be f-ing great,” I boasted.


Well, Mr. Ego lies, so I lied.  It was no kind of great.  I locked up after Wire2 so badly that I determined what I came up with was unusable on either blog (another sign).  By Wire3, I was onto myself, so put up a valiant fight.  I felt like a mouse escaping a cat’s claws only to be snagged and bitten and shook and set free for another two seconds, again and again and…  But bygod, I managed it, and the post went on Blog1.


Enough of that!  That was then, this is now.  And this is my tactic, my psychedelic prescription to myself for healing:  for as long as it takes, write utter, eye-rolling nonsense that no one at all would be interested in reading, and instead of calling anyone in the morning, watch this video, over and over for as long as it takes.


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