Search for the Grail: Ramping up

The Grail and Arthurian Legend

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The Holy Grail in question here is the almighty writing skill. 


Nineteen strangers, along with my strange self, will be embarking on this mission together, sort of.  Might as well dub us the Twenty Strange.


The mission is to “Consider the basic elements of fiction (e.g., plot, character, setting, theme) from the point of view of the creative writer, who makes both conscious and unconscious choices about these elements in the process of artistic creation. Read about the process of writing short fiction, and read a variety of short works that exemplify fictional elements to analyze the choices that other writers have made. Apply learning to the creation, discussion, and revision of your own creative work. This course focuses on the writing process. Students participate in a workshop setting to post their own drafts and discuss other students’ and established writers’ works of short fiction.”


The Twenty Strange are ramping up this week for the official mission send-off on Monday, March sixteenth.  Ramping up, so far, has meant a few of us trickling into the first discussion activity, “Why Write?  What motivates you to write for this course and what areas most concern you?”  Here’s my debut:


Need.  That’s my motivation. 


I’m stuck into this writing “thing” and have hit the wall just coasting, just sitting down, shaking out the kinks and praying to the gods of creativity for something good to flow through me and out.


I paid no attention in school and I need to put an engine—the elements of fiction—in this car so I can leave the soap box derby and move on to superkart, or off-road, or drag racing or something, anything besides the oldness, limitedness of this soap box derby!


Concerns are the same old fear-driven drill around not being able to do that:  Does little me really have something worthwhile to say, something that will interest others?  Will I fully understand the material here and really be able to use it successfully, or at least use it to produce what truly feels successful to me?  Will the rebel in me settle down long enough to adhere to a schedule to even give all the aforementioned a chance?


All of this, and the possibility of more and better, is what I’m here to participate with all of you in finding out.


Lame, I know, but let me assure you, I’m not the only gimp.



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