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Fill in the blanks

Rusty Person
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I am at ease to receive _______
Brilliant ideas, amazing writing skills, 1000 stellar words, you name it
It was only a half-hearted mantra,
Said so soft and wimpy that that no magic could come, no god could take it seriously
Amidst booming laughter, in the gasps for air I heard “What matters?”
This is the dilemma
During the rusted days, dreams lose their mattering
They are the sad satins and silks, the yellowed veil in Miss Havisham’s hair
My eyes have been closed too long, pushing through swinging doors
Check marks to empty boxes, scale armour to rust
“What matters and what keeps you truly alive?”
The devil and the deep sea to me – two distinct beasts
While Hydra sings an Ode To The Efficient, the Centaur sings to me
There’s a wizard at work, playing both sides
Conflicting elixirs, Tame and Unchained
How will I board that Blue Bird bus?!
“What matters?”
That I try _______
Coca-cola and tinfoil, Naval Jelly, hydrofluoric acid, you name it
It was a sincere effort,
Though it was made as the small clumping bamboo that rears and bows,
Fighting the whipping wind and rain like a fireless dragon,
A pecking, prehistoric bird
That might ought to have bellied up to the Jack Daniels bird bath
And thus dissolved more rust

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