This 2/2/09 journal excerpt sums this place up:


I’m thinking of creating a blog like peaches, veronica, plums.  Like an offload.  A  construction site dump, where I can post obscure thoughts, any thoughts at all, with bad punctuation or no punctuation, without the burden of having to make it all perfect, words and pictures.  Perfect, as things are supposed to be on my other blog, to the point of being out of hand.  I imposed a standard on myself there that became an occasion I’m less and less apt to rise to, a  monster that I’m becoming unable to match, much less conquer.


So to have a public place that’s “private” is delicious, like being stranded at an airport in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a journey.  You pick your spot on the carpet, you lie down, plump your duffle bag up for a pillow, pull your coat over you for a blanket, you sleep.  And no one bothers you because it’s a universal rule:  someone has picked their spot and they’re sleeping there now.  We all respect that.


That.  Is what this site is about.


So if you’ve landed here, stranded by language, and want to lie down on the carpet and sleep, go ahead, this is a public place.  If you feel like talking, go ahead and leave a comment.  It’s your prerogative.


That.  Is the beauty of it.


Kiss, kiss,


Counselor15_small_2.jpg picture by zanzinece


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