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Another pretty brain – x3

 CW01a.jpg picture by pemerytx

Photo provided to by Dr. Carol Williams


The other day I saw pipe organ goddess, Dr. Carol Williams, play the dinky, but kick-ass Cross Memorial pipe organ at the Essex Community Church in Essex, NY.  I wanted to take her picture with my cell phone, and finally at the very end of the concert, I dared to.  Trouble is, the cell phone is new to me and I forgot I have to choose to save each picture after each click… 


I wanted to go downstairs to the reception after the concert and ask her if she’s satisfied with where she is in her life right now, if she has achieved all her goals and now she is just trifling with life, if she has new goals, other goals, and if they’re now just icing on the cake, or were there some goals that were really important to her that she hasn’t achieved yet, and if there were any disappointments in her life, and if she has a rule to live by, an attitude toward life, I wanted to know what it is.


I wanted to find out these things to find out how she achieved her particular success and then what would I do with that information?  I guess try to adopt any of her life philosophies that I thought might work for me, too, things to think about, to have running in the back of my mind that would help me achieve greater success in my life, or at least that would help me live more easily, more confidently and therefore more satisfactorily.


But, ironically, I was not confident enough to go to the reception.  I am my father’s daughter after all, and so I was worried about making the last ferry across Lake Champlain which translates to feeling too small to stand before greatness.  And so I went away with no pictures, no questions answered, two CDs, and some memories that will fade away in a few days.


I can only hope that some overall effect has struck me somewhere crucial within, like being in the presence of an enlightened guru, that the enlightenment, or in this case some measure of Carol Williams’ pizzazz, has been transferred to me.


I’ll be looking for it.