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Ice ice berg

A colleague of mine, Gita, is in a fog again.  It’s a monthly pattern of late, seems like.  She looked up at me from her office khaki chair in her office khaki cube.  “I’m clearly having clarity problems,” she said with a half smile, the public view of an iceberg.  The rest of the iceberg, if you looked well into her eyes, was unresolved pain.


Duty called, the universally understood human duty to route a congenial pathway miles around a touchy issue or a point of contention, to diffuse a potential blow-up or tearful situation that wouldn’t suit a business environment.


This duty also includes imparting the sort of acknowledgment that glances off, but doesn’t further, the difficulty of the bottom of the iceberg.  Pulling off this delicate balance insures that the afflicted one won’t feel dissed coming up out of the agreement that now is not the time.  Later maybe, but not now.


I set a look of steel support in my eyes and patted Gita’s shoulder, more toward her back.  “Do you take something for these times?” I asked.


She looked down at her hands.  “No,” she said, and looked back up at me, searchingly.


Quickly, deftly, diving down to lift us both out, I switched the patting to a warm rubbing and allowed my eyes to soften, as if they were on a dimmer switch, to a hazy level of concern.  I smiled warmly, firmly, at her and said, “Come by my office after work.  I take natural supplements that really help me focus.  I’ll tell you about them if you like.”


Gita received this morsel of hope hungrily, gratefully.  Her eyes brightened with the joy and relief the mere promise of light brings.  I felt the heavy weight of a darkened life leave her body with each word that left her mouth, “Oh, Zan, thank you so much!  I will stop by to see you on my way out tonight.”


“Good,” I said, genuinely pleased. 


“I’m terribly sorry I couldn’t finish the Denver study in time for your ten o’clock,” she offered.


I said with assurance, “Not to worry.  I know enough about that project to hold my own in the meeting.  Just be kind to yourself today, alright?  That feasibility study can wait a bit.”


I patted Gita’s shoulder again, smiled warmly at her and left for the ten o’clock.  Truth is, I didn’t know squat about the Denver project but I’m a good bullshitter.




Anything less than best is a felony

Love it or leave it, you better gain way

You better hit bull’s eye, the kid don’t play

If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it

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“Ice ice baby,” Vanilla Ice