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What is real?

TheMan_JohnStidham About The Image: “The Man” – oil and acrylic on canvas – by fine artist John Stidham.  See a larger image here and read more about John and his body of work here.
I feel like a tongue in the cheek of this city. It continually makes me the joke and waits amused as I stretch to perceive that it has me again.

When I protest sorely, the city seems shocked and insists I misunderstood it completely.

The city sits back, smiles. “I know who you are”, it says. “No designer outfit can cloak intrinsic tastelessness, no Jimmy Choo platforms can elevate the inwardly tied down.”

I acknowledge the truth in that.

“Perhaps you should have stayed in the country,” the city says. “Better for you to have considered yourself a great thinker there than to come here and instantly be exposed as a mere tool.”

I lie still, ponder my destiny. Have I been self-deceived?

I feel my attention loll toward the city’s ploy. Or intent, to be fair. Or is what’s happening just natural selection, or a worse form of it, social Darwinism, or just narcissistic gaming likened to a cat toying with its prey? I feel furred, coated with the blackness of confusion. I faint.

The city sends me to one of its many doctors. Apparently I’ve been beset with benign migratory glossitis. “Inflammation of the tongue,” the city tells me. It drops an antimicrobial on me and I flatten.

I am the tongue. The city is the cheek. Thickness and impertinent boldness together. I sleep.



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“The most important resource an artist owns is their imagination.”
“I like the idea of creating a place with my own rules.”

John Stidham